Gracie - adopted July 2014

Poor little Grace was used as bait in terrier fighting in Spain, She was found on the streets in such a bad way, They probably didn't have any further use for her so they just dumped her. Her tail was missing and she had to have her eye removed (they are taught to go for the eyes in dog fighting as it prolongs the fight). We found her on BDRUK website and instantly fell in love, she was in foster recovering from surgery.

It felt like a risk adopting her without meeting her first and not knowing her temperament as we already had a dog, but when she arrived all concerns went out the window: she is the most loving, perfect dog anyone could wish for. She hasn't got an aggressive bone in her body, and is so well behaved - she just melts your heart and is such a happy little soul.

I can't thank BDRUK and Apa El Capricho enough for bringing our little Gracie into our lives, we couldn't be without her now.