Sponsor a dog in UK foster

When you sponsor a dog you will receive as standard:

  • A sponsor pack including a photograph, a certificate, and your sponsor dog's story
  • Quarterly updates of your dog's progress
  • Additional photos of your sponsor dog from their foster family

Sponsoring a dog makes an ideal gift for someone else, just enter their details on the sponsorship form.

Foster pack

Standard foster

For a minimum of £5 per month (or £50 if you pay annually) you can choose a foster dog from the list below to support. Many of our foster dogs are adopted after a short time in foster, and will go on to live long, happy lives with their adoptive families. If your sponsor dog is adopted we will contact you and to choose another dog to sponsor.

Forever foster

If you are able to commit to a minimum of £15 per month (or £150 if paying annually) you could literally save the life of a forever foster dog. These dogs have been so abused, damaged and neglected that they will need to stay with their foster family for the rest of their lives. They often have complex health issues and require constant or expensive veterinary treatment. In some cases we rescue these dogs in the knowledge that they are terminally ill with the aim of making the rest of their lives as happy as possible.

As a forever foster sponsor you will also receive personalised birthday, Valentine, and Christmas cards from your sponsor dog in addition to the standard sponsor pack.

If you would like to give this gift for an anniversary or any other special occasion then let us know and your sponsor dog will send a special card for the occasion.

Why sponsor a dog?

Many of our dogs are rescued and brought to foster families in the UK where they receive treatment for any ailments and learn to live in a family home. We fund veterinary treatment, flea and wormers, food, supplements and anything else that is required by our foster dogs to ensure they get back to full health and fitness.

We need your help to bring dogs into foster where their chances of adoption are so much greater and sponsoring a foster dog will help us cover the ongoing costs of foster care and continue to help these dogs become healthy and happy.

Payment options

In addition to recurring monthly payments we offer a discount for annual payment of £50 for standard foster sponsorship and £150 for forever foster sponsorship.

Available payment options are Paypal, bank transfer, cheque, or postal order, and details for each are provided on completion of the sponsor information form.

Please note that we can only send sponsorship packs to UK addresses