Costi, the journey of a Romanian rescue dog: part four

First published: Sun 26th Mar 2017 (Last updated: Mon 15th May 2017)

Costi is currently in foster with one of the BDRUK trustees. This is a series of blog posts we will be sharing to illustrate how it is both challenging and extremely rewarding to help rehabilitate an abused dog and show them how to live in a loving home.

Friday 10th March

On a Friday night there's nothing that Costi likes better than to relax upside down!

Tuesday 14th March

Another huge plus point for Costi - he has no problem in being left for a few hours! Just sleeps the time away! What a good boy!

Saturday 18th March

Costi is:

  • Perfect with all other dogs
  • Can be left for 4 hours
  • Housetrained
  • A cheese fanatic and can be bribed to do most things using cheese!
  • Incredibly handsome
  • Going to make someone the most loyal and loveable pet.


Wednesday 22nd March

Costi's new favourite food . Herta's hotdog sausages!!! Yuck!

Thursday 23rd March

Costi has now been here exactly two months and has gone from being a scared boy, hiding and trembling under the kitchen table, to a slightly more confident dog who likes to ring the changes in beds all around the kitchen.

He is still skittish and can be spooked quite easily - for example if the fence rattles or a bird flies up, but generally he is doing well.

He spends a lot of time watching rabbits through our back fence or sniffing the air through tiny gap in the gate. I'm sure he would love to explore outside the garden, but he needs to hone his lead-walking skills a little more before we take that step outside. We have a fully enclosed paddock which requires a couple of minutes walk down a little path to get to it which is where he will be going when he's ready. I think he will enjoy seeing a bit more of the world, but he'll have to be very secure in a non-escape harness and half-check collar with a split lead.

This week I have discovered that he loves hotdog sausages even more than cheese which is saying something! The trouble is, he wants to come inside too quickly in order to get his reward!

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