Lisa Sponsor only


Beautiful Lisa is a 2 year old female who is fully vet done and weighs 26kg.
She was found as puppy with both front legs broken after being hit by a car. Her legs healed well, except that one leg healed not so straight. It don't give her any trouble and she is using that leg fully. She can run fast all day, and she don't have any pain etc.

Lisa want to be a lap dog. She is always around people, and she is very calm and enjoys cuddles. Lisa comes to her name, is patient with food, and loves kids. She is a pack leader, but not aggressive. When other dogs fall out she makes them stop in a nice way. Other dogs love her a lot, she is very playful, adores toys and walks. She can live with dominant males, but not dominant middle/ bigger females. Lisa would be very happy having dog company. She is an active girl, and would like to be in active family, with a garden and longer walks. She is not a cat lover.


Lisa is currently in foster in Devon

Type of home sought

Lisa would love an active home with a garden and can live with another dog for company.

Potential adopters who already have a dog must be willing to bring the dog to North Devon to meet Lisa as she can be very dog reactive

It must be rural home, large garden and very active while being quiet, so a couple or single person who is into hiking, running etc would be ideal. She adores the children in the foster home but can be protective of them

Our adoption donation is £325. This includes travel to the UK, their vaccinations, pet passport, microchip and all preparation for travel. They also come with 5 weeks free insurance.