Fudge Appeal

From this:

Fudge was found in a cold, dark cellar, shackled to a bare wall forced to wear an anti barking device by her hunter, who saw little use for a blind hunting dog except as a breeding machine. Her only companion, another Podenco with a badly severed leg.

To this so far:

Thanks to an amazing group of rescuers, transporters and organisers in Spain, Fudge and 23 other Podencos and Galgos were rescued from their barbaric hunters and lovingly transported to safe residences in Spain, where the extent of their abuse can be discovered and the healing process begin. Probably for the first time in her life, Fudge is experiencing loving kindness, gentle handling, fresh air, warmth.

The Future

We at BDRUK have taken responsibility for little, blind Fudge. We intend to give her all the treatment she needs to heal physically, emotionally and mentally and when she is fit enough bring her over to the UK and find her a forever home and sofa, with a family who will learn the joy of sharing their lives with this beautiful soul.

The cost

We knew when we stepped in to offer our help to Fudge that it was going to be an expensive rescue but who could see her in that cellar, scared, cold and abused and not help? So we reached out to Fudge and the team on the ground in Spain and made a commitment to them and her and now we are reaching out to you to help us to fulfil that pledge. She is in a first class shelter there, receiving all the love and care she needs. This comes at a cost to us of 70€ a month. We have had her tested and amazingly she is negative for all Mediterranean diseases, of course she needs complete worm and flea treatment and next week she will go for an examination of her eyes to see if anything can be done to restore any sight. The vet felt she was an older Podenco, maybe 9 years and many of those could have been spent in that dark cellar, as a breeding machine, therefore creating a sight problem. It's still an unknown.

Fudge will need to be prepared for travel to the UK, with vaccinations, transport, vet bills and residency bills covered and possibly eye treatment if it can be successful.

Can you help us to cover these costs? Any donation you can make, however small, will help us to provide her with all she needs. Our funding pot is very meagre, we have little to spare but felt the need to rescue her, please help us to give her the amazing life she deserves, after an existence in hell.


Donate by bank transfer

Account number: 74154982
Sort Code: 60-16-04
Name: Blind Dog Rescue UK

For international payments you will need the following information:
IBAN: GB27NWBK60160474154982

Donate by cheque

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Blind Dog Rescue UK

Can be sent to:
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Please mark the rear of a cheque as 'FUDGE APPEAL'