Diana Appeal

I’m sure you all remember Fudge, the blind Podenco shut in the cellar that we recently rescued in Spain and you all so kindly helped. Well Spanish hunters are well known for their extreme abuse of the wonderful hunting dogs, the Galgos and the Podencos and the rescuers do an amazing job, so when one of the people involved in the rescue of Fudge asked if we could please help another partially sighted dog I expected a Podenco. No if anything more tragic, a tiny, little, old terrier type.

Meet Diana, 13 years old and lived all her life until a month ago with an elderly man who adored her, he took her everywhere, she was his constant companion. When the old man died his son kicked Diana out of the house to roam the streets and get killed by a car. Fortunately some neighbours were upset and told the son this was out of order so he took Diana to a field where large dogs are abandoned and left her there. What did he imagine would happen? She would be attacked and killed by the pack of dogs. Did he care? No. Diana escaped out of the field and was running around the road, her eyes are ulcerated, she has little sight and the cars aren’t going to stop for a dog. The neighbours again stepped in and called the police, who involved a vet and a wonderful rescuer, Yoli. The vet was able to persuade the family that Yoli would take over responsibility for Diana and the paperwork was completed. Diana was safe.

It would be reasonable to think this was a happy ending to her story, but sadly that’s not the case. Yoli stepped up for Diana to save her life knowing that she had less than no funds to get her treated, in fact she has a huge debt with her vet for the rescued animals she cares for. Diana was in a dreadful state, completely matted, eyes ulcerated, traumatised beyond belief, shut down, terrified. She wouldn’t eat, drink, was scared to be touched. She spent a week in the vets, rehydration, being shaved, learning that she was going to receive kindness again not harsh handling. Yoli took her into her own home, is lavishing love and care and slowly Diana is beginning to respond, she has started to eat, to accept a gentle touch, to respond to a kind voice, she has the will to live again.

Now Diana and Yoli need our help and support. Tomorrow Diana goes to Vision vets to seek treatment for her ulcerated eyes, Yoli has no funds for this at all, nor to pay the vet bill for Diana, already over €350. We have agreed to support Diana in her hour of need, please stand with us and help her too. Every pound she receives will make a huge difference to the treatment Diana can have and when she is fit enough we will bring her to the UK to her forever home, a place of safety, warmth and love where she will be able to see out her days in comfort and without fear. This dear little dog deserves nothing less. Even the price of a cup of coffee will chip into her vet bills.

Later in the week we aim to do a raffle to help towards her costs so look out for that too. We have a couple of stunning prizes.

Thank you all for your time and support


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