July News

First published: Thu 13th Jul 2017 (Last updated: Thu 13th Jul 2017)

Dog of the Month - Edgar

Edgar is a quiet, mild boy who asks for very little and is very easily pleased. He is great with other dogs and people and all he wants is a warm comfy bed and some love. Edgar doesn't expect anything in his life and we hope we can show him there is so much more to enjoy than he has experienced in the past.

Dogs we have helped this month:

  • Toby - foster costs paid

  • Happy, the blind Chinese dog, his costs are nearly raised so we are in talks about transportation to the UK!

  • Penny was saved after being returned completely blind to a forest by Dogs trust from their spay and neuter campaign. We arranged for someone to go and look for her and it took 24 hours but we have her and she is wonderful! We will support her costs until she comes over to the UK. 

  • Gracie arrived after spending 10+ years in a shelter. She is doing brilliantly in her new home.

  • Dori arrived into foster and is very settled.

  • Willow money sent.

  • Lulu vet costs sent.

  • Pluto transport money sent and he is arriving this weekend into foster.

  • Egyptian Happy part transport costs paid - the rest was raised by the Egpytian team.

  • Vet costs paid for an urgent cypriot dog who is blind and in a public shelter.

  • 100 euros sent to support a spay and neuter campaign.

  • Nora, Eddie 2, Anna, Echo and Gabriel foster costs paid.

  • Elmo vet bill paid.

  • Fetita dental money paid.

  • Urgent dog with ears cut off - donation sent and dog is out of the shelter. 

Dogs that have been adopted:


  • Jimmy (now Vinnie).

  • Vica! (her last adoption fell through).

  • Home offers for James, Nancy, Balkan, Nigel, and Dori - being homechecked.

  • Egyptian Happy arrived.

  • Feli adopted - and adopter is picking her up from Spain! First time we have had that happen!

  • Sye adopted - transport being arranged.

  • 2 cocker poo pups adopted.



Photo Competition



We are running a dog photography competition on facebook this month. We have some amazing prizes and a celebrity judge! Details will be revealed on our facebook page soon...


 Dog coats



The lovely Michelle from The Dog Comes First is donating 5% of the proceeds from every sale this month to BDRUK. She makes made-to-measure dog coats so please have a look at her facebook page: 

www.facebook.com/ thedogcomesfirst/

Sponsor scheme


Our new sponsor packs are here and all our sponsors should have received one in the post. For more information about how you can support our foster dogs for as little as £5 a month see www.bdruk.org/sponsor.


Summer Auction!

We are running an auction on eBay to help raise funds - see https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/blinddogrescueuk-5/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 for all our items.


Appeal for fosters


We urgently need foster homes to enable us to bring the most vulnerable dogs over to the UK. If you have space in your home to give a BDRUK dog a chance to learn what it is to live in a loving home then please get in touch by email at foster@bdruk.org. For more information about fostering please read our foster page at www.bdruk.org/fostering



Thank you!

A big thank you to Yvonne Sinclair who ran a 50:50 fundraiser on Facebook last month which raised a massive £599.50 for BDRUK!


Volunteers needed!


We would love more volunteers on board to help us continue our work. If you have a few hours a week to help get updates from rescuers, update dog albums, fundraise or take photos of our foster dogs then please get in touch via info@bdruk.org