Sam was rescued from a shelter in Romania. This poor boy unfortunately bears lasting scars of the cruelty he suffered in his old life. He is missing one eye, he has damage to his nose which was probably caused by trauma, only a stump left for a tail, various scars and markings and possibly he has fractured some ribs at one time.


Sam is a loving and playful dog. He can't get over the fact he is now always warm and comfortable, and he shows his pleasure by rolling on his back and grunting, snoring, and enjoying a fuss from his foster Mum. He gets on well with the other dogs in his foster family and loves to play. Sam's foster parents think he might in fact be a bit younger than 10 years as he certainly has the energy of a younger dog! He loves walks and gets excited when he sees his lead coming out. He is good on a lead and clean in the house too.


Sam is in foster in Brighton.

Type of home sought

Sam is a low/medium energy dog who loves to get out and about but doesnt need lots of exercise. He loves to play so would be good with another dog but any calm home would suit him.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Sam has good vision in one eye and has no issues from being partially sighted