Emma was rescued a few months ago from life on a short chain. She is approximately 13kg and looks like a small fox!


Emma is a bright, happy girl who learns quickly and adapted well to her foster home in the UK. She is clean in the house and has great doggy manners. She is prepared to let other dogs know if they are overstepping the mark but does this without aggression and she is otherwise playful and affectionate. Emma is quick to work out new situations and is great on a lead. She loves to chase pheasants and rabbits and hunt for small mammals. Emma loves to be out on walks and would love access to a secure garden. Emma has a tremendous amount of potential and is so affectionate towards her foster mum. She loves cuddles and fuss. Emma is very bright and will love to learn and be part of an active family.


Emma is in foster in the UK. She is perfectly healthy and fully sighted. Emma is clean in the house and adapted to a routine very quickly. She settles well in her bed overnight.

Type of home sought

Emma would suit an active home with lots of walks, a secure garden and other dogs to play with.