Please meet handsome Boz who has come from Bosnia. Boz is blind and was born 2019. Boz will go into a crate and settle for a couple of hours after exercise. He loves his toys, though happily destroys soft ones, but enjoys a game with a tugger. He’s very affectionate and does bond but understandably is wary of others entering the house. Care should be taken with young children. His house training is improving. I have gone back to puppy basics and praising etc when going outside. Boz loves his food! He pulls like a train but hopefully the dogmatic will improve this. He is very strong. He is very keen on following a scent as he is a hound and will be very determined to follow it. He can be quite noisy and bark especially if another dog barks too- maybe no near neighbours! He may be better as an only dog or maybe with an older, passive female. No small furries or poultry! He does tend to mouth and lick when you give him affection similar to a puppy. But whilst licking is ok, teeth on skin is not. So he is beginning to understand a firm ‘no’. He is a young dog (about 18-24 months approx) and his recent neutering in my opinion hasn’t suppressed his male hormones. So this may improve in a few weeks but any interaction with other dogs should be carefully managed. His blindness doesn’t stop his boldness!


Boz is currently in foster in Devon

Type of home sought

Boz would like a home with a garden and would be happy as an only dog or with a calm, passive older female dog. In time with no other dogs and a knowledgeable owner with possible hound experience he will make a good companion. Once fed and exercised he does settle at your feet and in the evenings he takes himself into his crate with the door open. He sleeps well in his crate overnight quite happily. Our adoption donation is £325. This includes travel to the UK, their vaccinations, pet passport, microchip and all preparation for travel. They also come with 5 weeks free insurance.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Boz copes well with his sight loss