Please meet lovely Flora. She is a gentle and friendly girl who is fine with other dogs. She is 6/7 years old (as of Feb 2021). She hasn't been cat tested. Flora has now been in foster for a little while, and this is what her fosterer says about her: She is lovely, very sweet and friendly with everyone we’ve met both human and dog. Gets quite excited by dogs running around and does a lot of play bowing and bouncing to go join them. She leaps out the van like a bullet and pulls like a train when coming home for food! She is mostly good on the lead but still learning about the world and is easily distracted by sounds and sniffs but in a good way.


Flora is currently in foster in Scotland

Type of home sought

Flora would love a home with a garden and can live with another dog for company Our adoption donation is £325. This includes travel to the UK, their vaccinations, pet passport, microchip and all preparation for travel. They also come with 5 weeks free insurance.