Please meet Piper. He is 5.5 years old (as of June 2023). He is in foster in Bristol. He’s got a heart of gold and has taken his time to come out of his shell but now he’s out, he’s shining more than ever. At his foster home in Bristol, he has been training different commands and has been very receptive to this training. Being part collie, you can tell why. He is looking for a home where he can nap throughout the day whilst also getting lots of tickles. He needs love and patience as he does still have struggles with unexpected bikes/dogs/children on walks. This is something that is being actively worked on and he is getting less anxious around them, however, it is something he would need further training on. His blindness has very little impact on his life and his foster home have been working on agility jumping with him. Once a trust bond is made, you’ll have such a beautiful time! Piper enjoys walks and is sociable when he meets other dogs out. He’s fully house trained responds well to be trained using positive, reward based training. He does have some triggers which increase his stress levels but these are being actively worked on. He will need a quiet, calm home with few visitors and space to be able to get away from those who do visit


Piper is currently in foster in Bristol

Type of home sought

Potential adopters need to be willing to make several journeys to Bristol for meet and greet within a short time frame He would like a home that he can rest in without being bothered too much - he likes his space away from everything and will happily choose when he wants attention. He also likes a run here and there - be warned, once he trusts you, he can go 0-100 in a blink of an eye so an owner who doesn’t mind a sprint now and again would be perfect. He also needs a garden that is secure (bonus if you have a spot where he can sunbath). A quiet household would be best suited for piper as movement and loud noises can unsettle him. He is the most wonderful boy and will capture your heart, he just needs a little time to open up (as most humans do too). Ok with cats? No Ok with families? Not with anyone under 18 Ok with dogs? Depends on the dog but labradors = no. Most collies = yes Most Spaniels = yes Most calm dogs = yes Our adoption donation is £325. This includes travel to the UK, their vaccinations, pet passport, microchip and all preparation for travel. They also come with 5 weeks free insurance.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Piper copes well with his sight loss