Rose Sponsor only


Rose was rescued from Romania. She lived in the yard of a lady who fed her and made sure that she was safe but she could not stay there and was taken to a private shelter.


Rose is very affectionate and playful and always aims to please. She is a sweetheart and is so grateful for any attention paid to her. Rose has settled into her foster family quickly and gets on well with people and dogs. She loves her food and is slightly overweight but her foster Mum is ensuring she eats the correct amount and is getting enough exercise.


Rose is in foster in Scarborough. For her age she is in good health apart from being slightly overweight.

Type of home sought

Rose doesn't need an active home and would prefer a home with a garden as she knows to take herself outside when she needs a comfort break. She gets on well with other dogs and cats. Anyone lucky enough to adopt Rose would be getting a very special dog indeed as Rose's needs are very simple but she would dedicate the rest of her life and heart to making her very own family happy.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Rose is well adapted to her blindness and quickly learned to navigate her foster family's home.