Maggie was rescued from a public shelter in Romania


Maggie can be quiet when she first meets you but once she knows you she loves to cuddle. She loves walks and her cataract doesn't affect her spotting squirrels when out on a walk! She loves food, will give a paw when asked and enjoys being brushed. She can be wary of strangers and men but has met visitors in her new foster home without issue.


Maggie is in foster in Lincolnshire

Type of home sought

Maggie has suffered from separation anxiety lately, so she would prefer to have company most of the time. She would suit an active retired person (she likes ladies best), and she would love a dog friend too! She would like to sleep in her bed in the same room as her new owners. Maggie would love a home in a rural area where she can enjoy a walk in fields and woods, away from busy roads.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Maggie has a cataract in one eye but her overall vision is good