Patillas is a gorgeous male puppy born on December 25. His father is a cross between a Belgian shepherd and Spanish Mastiff, and the mother is a cross between a Pointer and Podenco. He was born completely Blind at birth. Patillas is a happy, young puppy - although born blind he is a clever boy who walks well on a lead following the sound of your voice. He has also learned to master the stairs. Patillas has been socialised well and is great with people and other animals. As he was born blind nothing seems to phase him, he is not afraid and is making the most of his life and enjoying himself - all he needs now is a home At 3mths old he weighed 15kg


Patillas is currently in foster in Spain

Type of home sought

Patillas would love a home with a garden and can live with another dog and cats for company

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Patillas copes well with his sight loss