Sunshine is 7/8 years old and has been recently dumped in a public shelter in Romania by his previous owners. He is incredibly friendly and loves people. he is good with other dogs and completely healthy apart from his blindness. Sunshine has no vision at all but is still a very happy, loving boy. This is what Sunshine's foster has to say about him: "He's settled down quite nicely today and crate training is working for night times and when we've been out. He's discovered how fun toys can be and likes a wrestle, used as a good distraction too as he likes to nibble. He's already got the stairs sussed out-both up and down! He's not fussed either way about our dogs still so would be fine on own or with other dogs I think. Would benefit from having a garden though as he likes to have a pad about outside"


Sunshine is currently in foster in the UK

Type of home sought

Sunshine would love a home with a garden and can live with another dog for company

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Sunshine copes very well with being blind