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Aria is an older female who is used to live in a field inside a derelict house. There were around 6 other dogs living with her, and they were lucky to have very kind people who regularly go out to care for them. The lady who owns the old house is a hoarder who used to have 20 dogs kept there and although they do not have the best living quarters she does feed them - in fact Aria is currently a little over weight. The volunteers have been gradually able to find homes for some of the dogs, as the lady doesn't spend much time with them, only leaving them in their kennels. Aria is a lovely, very calm and affectionate female who loves human attention. She lived with 2 other dogs in her kennel and got along very well with them, there were also cats in the area and she was not phased or bothered at all by them. She is blind currently weighing around 18kg and leishmania positive


Aria is now in UK foster

Type of home sought

Aria will need a patient home to help her adjust to living in a home. She also has tested positive for leishmania but this can be managed with medication. She could live with another dog for company and also cats, but careful introduction to cats would be necessary.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Aria seems unphased by her blindness