Hello, my name is Jane. I was rescued on the 15/8/2016 at only 3 months old. This is the sad story of my life up to now.... I was found hungry and starving in the street in Bosnia and the dog catchers caught me and took me to the vet clinic. While i was there, a wonderful lady my angel saw a photo of me and sent it to Sejla and they decided to rescue me. Sejla immediately set off to Stup where on arrival she was told i had been sent to the worst shelter in Bosnia which was ZUNOVNICA. Sejla and her friend set off to get me from this horror shelter with only a photo of me as any proof. An miracle happened and they managed to rescue me. From leaving this place i was taken to vets and was diagnosed with having distemper so was taken home by Sejla and had therapy in her wonderful home for 8 days. After i recovered (although my prognoses were minimal) i was taken to pension but i was very scared of anything and everything that i was about to give up on life. Sejla saw how i wasn't coping well and took me to a foster home where i stayed a further 2 months. The foster home was near to her so she spent a lot of time with me and helped me to overcome my fears. I was really really lucky to have a wonderful foster home where I have learned to love people, their children and other animals. I love dogs, and cats and feel so much more confident around them. My life was beginning to be fantastic but then we found out that I was going blind and only thing to help me would be surgery. :( Then my other angel stepped in and paid for all my surgery in Zagreb. I had cataracts but luckily they were removed and replaced with new lenses. Recovery time, took the whole month.. I was receiving antibiotics, and 3 different eyes drops(Tobrex, Maxidex and Atropin).. I had the best care in the world. But, its my past now and now I can enjoy in my life! Thank you to Erin for the wonderful photographs - find her on Instagram @edogs_


Jane is currently in a foster home in the UK

Type of home sought

Jane can be a little wary of new sounds and sights, but is fine once she is used to them. She would love a home with a garden and can live with a dog for company and also cats