This handsome boy is a miracle - he survived being poisoned twice in 2 days. Bert is 8 years old ( born approx. 2009 / 2010), and is a Labrador mixed breed


Bert has an exceptional character. He is a lab mix and has a typical lab temperament, being mild and friendly. He is friendly boy with a great attitude, eating food and gets along very well with other dogs. Thank you so much to Fran Macintosh for the photos of Bert. To find out more, here are her links:


Bert is currently in UK foster.

Type of home sought

Bert would make an ideal family dog in moderately active home. Bert is very active and requires a lot of exercise. His laziness in the shelter was probably due to his way of dealing with little exercise, and hence the weight gain. He has a very strong Prey drive and is not suitable for a home with cats. He has a tendency to nip if over excited so a home where there are young children visiting would not be suitable.