Blue is a gorgeous blue Merle Border collie. He is blind , 2 years old and full of everything that makes a border collie fabulous. Fun, playful, energetic , loves his ball and good with people. He is currently learning, and enjoying Canicross. Blue is a fantastic young dog, kind, happy and everything that goes with it. He eats well and is very energetic. He loves being outside as long as you're with him as he loves his family. Blue is very affectionate and loves cuddles. There's nothing he likes better than playing with his blue ball and I'm sure that his love of toys will be a fabulous training aid for him.


Blue is currently with his adopter in Scotland. Potential owners would be welcome to phone and to visit him.

Type of home sought

We are looking for a new home for him with someone willing to help him learn new things and keep up with his training. Blue needs an active home with someone around much of the time, which will give him the mental and physical stimulation that he, like all BCs needs.

How has the dog adapted to their sight loss

Blue copes well with his blindness and is playful and happy.